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Weekly Activities at a Glance

Bean Bag Baseball - Sunday at 7pm - Contact Larry Scheibe 920-716-6702

Bingo - Thursday at 7pm

Bowling - Monday 9:15am Wachula Lanes - Contact Glenda Gray 517-214-8147

~ Tuesday at 9 a.m.

Bunco - Wednesday at 1:30pm

Coffee Tyme - first Friday, May – November at 8:30am

Coloring Technique Class - Friday at 10:30am - Contact Patty Corradino 352-536-5130

Coloring Club - Friday at 11am - Contact Patty Corradino 352-536-5130

Euchre - Wednesday at 7pm

Fitness Walking - Monday – Friday at 8am

Gardening Club - Tuesday at 11am - Contact Mike Corradino 352-536-4732

Golf Sebring Village - Shotgun starts every Wednesday at 8:15am, and at 1pm Sebring Golf.

Hand and Foot - every evening at 7pm (if no conflict.)

Hosscollar Shuffleboard - Sunday at 1pm

Knitting & Crocheting - Monday at 1pm

Line Dancing - Thurs. at 10am

Painting Class - Mondays 9am-noon in the Activity Room, Call Barb Moore 863-451-5807

Pepper/Bid Euchre - Tuesday at 6pm

Pinochle - Sunday, Wednesday, Friday at 6:30pm

Poker - Sunday at 6-8pm; Thursday at 6-8pm

Pool-Shooters - Thursday at 7pm

Quilting ~ Thursday at 1 p.m.

Regular Shuffleboard -Tuesday, Thursday - 9:30am

Sebring Village Book Club - Last Tuesday each month at 7pm - Contact Anita Banyard 863-386-1133 or Anita Hitchcock 863-451-5253

Sit & Fit ~ Wednesday at 11 a.m.

Texas Hold ’Em - Wednesday at 7pm sharp

Water Aerobics - Monday – Friday - 10am - 11am

Water Volleyball - Wednesday at 4pm