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Holiday Bear
Shuffleboard_CoverVillage residents have been doing their finishing touches on their holiday decor. Lighted plam trees now line the park. Click or tap the photo for more holiday (Photo by Mike Corradino)
Light teamsVolunteers get Christmas lights installed on Sebring Village palms
More than two dozen elves descended on Sebring Village for the annual decorating of the palms trees throughout the park. Park volunteers gathered after Thanksgiving to wrap trees throughout the park. Click or tap the photo to see the story and photos.
Giving Tree Coloring Group makes ornaments
to hang on Veteran's Giving Tree

The members of the Sebring Village Coloring Group did their part to help the Veteran’s Giving Tree by making ornament tags to hang on the tree. The group made the ornaments at the request of Giving Tree Chairman, Marc Zahn. Click/tap the photo for the story.
Bean Bag Baseball Bean Bag Baseball is back in
action Sundays in the Clubhouse

Bean Bag Baseball resumed play in November with regular play each Sunday night at 7 in the Clubhouse. The game is simple and there is always room for more players according to organizer Larry Scheibe. Click/tap the photo for more details.

JulietsJULIETS hold November luncheon
at the Airport's Runway Cafe

The JULIET’s held their November lunch at the Runway Cafe in the Sebring Airport. There were 37 ladies in attendance, of which three were brand new to JULIET’s. They were Gail MacEvitt, Barbara Moore and Jeanette Stypa. Click/tap the photo for the story.

Knutson's_Village Jean and Neil Knutson's Holiday Village brings spirit of Christmas
What started as a simple purchase has grown to a huge collections of houses, buildings and scenery creating a beautiful Christmas Village. The current scene depicts over 10 years of collecting. Click or tap the photo to see the full story.

Community Mailbox Village Community Mailbox
will get free mail to residents

Laney Powers has set up a new mailbox system in the library room of the Sebring Village Clubhouse. The postage free system will help improve communications and “holiday spirit” in the Village starting immediately . Click or tap the photo for details.

Old Home Page The photo albums and files
from previous months have moved

All the photos from previous events are still here. To make way for an updated design we have move them to our Archives section. To view the files and photos, simply click or tap on the photo to the left or on this paragraph and you will jump to the appropriate page. Thanks for bearing with us as we make our design changes.

ClassifiedsBuying or selling? The Tablet is offering free classifieds for our park
Have something you'd like to sell? Is there something you're hoping another resident wants to get rid of? The Tablet is offering free classifieds to all our park residents. After all...isn't one person's trash another person's treasure. Click/tap the box to list your item(s).