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Jean and Neil Knutson Jean Knutson and President Neil Knutson
From the Sebring Village Social Club
By Neil Knutson, President

Hi Neighbors,
March was another very busy month for shows, dances and events. Thank you for supporting our Social Club in Sebring Village. Remember to get your dance and show tickets early.

Karen Locke and her workers did a great job on the membership drive. Give Karen a call at 740-824-3792, if you were missed. If you are a new resident and Karen hasn’t visited with you please give her a call.

Becky Moore, our new Bits-N-Pieces editor, is taking your submissions for the newsletter at this email address:: This should be done by the 15th of each month to be printed in the next month’s newsletter. And, to All our Northern Friends “safe travels”.

I do believe we are truly Blessed and fortunate to live in Sebring Village. We have great amenities and wonderful neighbors to share are golden years with.

A village is like a family of friends and neighbors, working together for the good of all. We all have many different thoughts, ideas, options and plans on how to spend our life. Please be thankful for what you have and help a neighbor or two.