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St. Patrick's Day ParadeSaint Patrick (now retired) was the grand marshall for the annual Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Sebring Village. Click or tap the photo to see more of the parade and dinner. (Photo by Thomas Van Petten)
Fashion Show
Sebring Village's Tami Mesenbourg took first and second place in her division at the Highlands County Orchid Show. Click/tap the photo for more of the story. (Photo by Mike Corradino)

The JULIET’S luncheon for March was held at The Olive Garden. Sixty three women and guests were on hand. Click/tap the photo for more images. (Photo by Sally Johnson)

Rat Pack
The Sebring Village Rat Pack took to the West Orange Trail in March. The walking/bike trail is part of the Coast to Coast Trail system. Click/tap the image for more photos.

Neil Knutson
From the Sebring Village Social Club. Click/tap the image for the President's April message.

Sebring Village Quilt Show

Amazing quilts drew crowds to the Clubhouse for the Quilters Club's Annual Show. Click/tap the image for more photos of the event.

Female Monrach butterfly Sebring Village Butterfly Project is helping to bring the Monarchs back to Highlands County

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